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Hubbin' It: The Life of Bob Wills
The first of the books about Bob Wills. Written in 1938 by Ruth Sheldon, this book was available by mail order for the price of $1

The book was reprinted in 1995 under the title
Bob Wills Hubbin' It
The introduction of the book is by Dr. Charles Townsend.


San Antonio Rose The Life and Music of Bob Wills
The definitive book about Bob Wills. Dr. Charles Townsend spent many years researching, interviewing and writing this "must have" book. The book contains a Discography and Filmusicography as well as the story of the life of the King of Western Swing.

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bwremembered.jpg (21223 bytes) Bob Wills Remembered:The King of Western Swing
Written by Rosetta Wills, daughter of Bob Wills, this book reveals the inside story of Wills offstage life through narrative, letter extracts, postcards, diary excerpts and many never-before-seen photographs.

These warm and encouraging memoirs of Rosetta Wills offers a new insight in the many books about Bob Wills. You will read and enjoy this book many times. You may order an autographed copy from Rosetta for $20 (includes shipping). 

Contact Rosetta at:

Rosetta Wills
Box 235
Turkey, Tx. 79261



My Years with Bob Wills
by "Brother" Al Stricklin 
(Bob Wills' Original Piano Player)
The "old piano pounder" Al Stricklin relates his many years and travels with Bob Wills as one of the Texas Playboys. Al Stricklin and writer Jon McConal give an eyewitness account of Al's start with Bob during the Depression days through the seven years he spent as Bob's first piano player.
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Lifeofbw.jpg (34392 bytes) The Life of Bob Wills-The King of Western Swing
by Jimmy Latham.
Published in 1974 after 12 years of research.
Printed by Texas Tech University Press in Lubbock, Texas.


Cowboy Fiddler
a.k.a Cowboy Fiddler in Bob Wills' Band

by Frankie McWhorter, as told by John R. Erickson
Frankie McWhorter's book describes his colorful life in two archetypes: the working cowboy and the Texas fiddler.

Frankie grew up in the same atmosphere as Bob Wills, and later joined the Texas Playboys as a fiddler. This book is a great recollection of his times as both cowboy and fiddler.

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Hedhurt.jpg (41064 bytes) Bob Wills - His Life-Times-Music
by H.Ed Hurt
An in-depth look at the creation and development of Western Swing and the life of Bob Wills. This book is not a biography. It is fiction based on fact. Actual incidents have been embellished in some cases.


Lone Star Swing
by Duncan McLean
McLean leaves his native Scotland for Texas in search of the roots of Western Swing, particularly Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys.
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Jazzsw.jpg (67398 bytes) The Jazz of the Southwest - An Oral History of Western Swing
by Jean Boyd
Author Boyd explores the origins and developments of western swing. Published in 1998.


"We're The Light Crust Doughboys From Burrus Mill"

by Jean Boyd
Jean Boyd draws on the memories of Marvin "Smokey" Montgomery and other longtime band members and supporters to tell the Light Crust Doughboy's story.


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Shamblinbook.jpg (246487 bytes) Eldon Shamblin The Guitar Man
His Fame - His Music - His Memorabilia

Produced by Patty Nicholas
Pictures and Stories by Rita Shamblin
Wonderful booklet describing the life and accomplishments of "The World's Greatest Rhythm Guitarist." Lots of pictures and entertaining reading. 


The Bob Wills Story
The Life and Music of the King of Western Swing

Narrated by Hugh Cherry
This is an eight cassette series based on the book
San Antonio Rose by Dr. Charles Townsend. It was originally played as a ten hour radio show on select stations, but was available for purchase. It was written by Lawson Warren and Hugh Cherry. Mike Oatman and Mike Lynch produced the program. This is a wonderful set, and enjoyable listening.
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Gibbsbook.jpg (368505 bytes) Playing By Heart - Leon Gibbs And The Miller Brothers Band
by Carroll Wilson
Story of the Miller Brothers Band in Wichita Falls, Texas and how a trio of brothers rose from the Great Depression to develop a great western swing band.

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