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Tom Morrell Tribute is a HUGE success

From: Cathi Parson
Date: November 14, 2005


The Tom Morrell Tribute was a huge success. Fans began arriving at Noon from all over in order to reserve their tables. The Jam session was kicked off by Ronny Shultz on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Booher on keyboards, Jim Loessberg on drums, Harlan "Boom Boom" Kubos on upright bass and the great Virgil Watts on non-pedal steel. Right away we knew this was going to be a Jam like no other. The talented entertainers to take the stage during the Jam was neverending and truly overwhelming. They included singers Bill "Froggy" Worden, Bill Adams, Chuck Cusimato, and Starla Queen. Jimmy Queen took the stage with his guitar and sang us some western swing and down and dirty blues. I can't wait for the Queens new "Jazzabilly's" cd to be released!! This couple from Missouri really knocked everyone's socks off!! Durwood Strube sang with his good buddy, former Bob Will's Texas Playboy Casey Dickens backin' him on the drums. Johnny Cox soon joined the band on steel along with Larry Reed on sax and Joey McKensie on fiddle. Drummers Jimmy Fincher and the gal drummer from the Stagecoach Ballroom's house band sat in. If you know her name, please write in and give her a well deserved mention. As hard as we tried, we couldn't convince Dave Grothusen to sing us his version of "Mule Skinner's Blues". Next time he won't get off so easy. To end our very special Jam, the always gracious and talented Bobby Flores took the stage to sing some tunes from his great cd's. I want to personally thank all of those who participated and gave our audience an absolutely spectacular afternoon performance. Also, thanks to Froggy for spending the day with us and snapping his very special brand of photos. Just when you thought you couldn't possibly handle any more excitement Tom Morrell and his Timewarp Tophands took to the stage. An extra bonus was revealed when Tophand frontman Craig Chambers announced that this performance was being recorded for a "LIVE" cd as well as videotaped. The list of Timewarp Tophands on stage to pay tribute to their friend included vocalist and guitar-slingin' Craig Chambers, Leon Rausch and Don Edwards, vocals; Johnny Case and Tim Alexander on keyboards, Greg "Uncle Zilla" on drums and vocals, Mac McCrae on upright bass, Mark Abbott and Bob Boatright on twin fiddles, Leon Chambers and Rich O'Brien on lead guitars. During the last set Dave Alexander and Tommy Alverson were invited on stage to sing. The music was as wonderful as everyone anticipated and it was especially wonderful to see Tommy on stage reunited with his good friends and playin' his heart out. At the end of their performance he thanked everyone for being there and was very appreciative. He was surrounded all night by family and friends and was so gracious about having his picture taken and signing autographs. Thanks to Mike McAndrews and Tina Sales who tirelessly worked the door ALL day, as well as Kitty Case who relieved them during the Timewarp Tophand set. Thanks to Jimmy and Starla Queen and Dave Grothusen for their invaluable contributions with promotion both here and the Steel Guitar Forum and also the idea for the card shower which was a huge success. Thanks to Tim and all the staff at the Longhorn Saloon for being such gracious hosts. Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this event in one way or another, big or small. Our goal of giving Tom a day he wouldn't soon forget....and then some was surely accomplished. That's what western swing is all about!! I'm so proud to be a member of this wonderful community.

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