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Re: What does "Hubbin it" mean?

From: Robert
Date: October 08, 2010


"Hubbin' It" was a term used to describe the hard economic struggle Wills' family (like most Americans) were having during the great Depression. It originally described the difficulty of a wagon on a muddy road or in deep sand, bogged down to the axle or hub. The first biography done about Bob Wills was released in 1938. It was available by mail order from Tulsa for the amount of $1. A reporter for the Tulsa newspaper, Ruth Sheldon composed the book she titled "Hubbin It - The Life of Bob Wills" This book has been reprinted as "Bob Wills - Hubbin' It" Of course, Bob later had a song by the same name - "Hubbin' It" he used in the 1943 movie "Saddles and Sagebrush" and later as an MGM release in 1951

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